DuGR, as all the most recent scripts from RxLaboratory and Duduf, provides a nice and easy-to-use Scripting API, along with the comprehensive DuAEF - Duduf After Effects Framework.

Builds and the source code of the API are available on Github; you can download the most recent builds from the releases section.

Two builds of the API are released with each version of DuGR, starting with 4.0.0.

Download the API.

▹ Keep the comprehensive reference ( under your pillow.

The reference contains both the DuGR and all the DuAEF documentation as it is used, and extended, by DuGR.

This software is Free, as in “free beer” as well as in “your freedom to use it as you wish”.

We need your help. Without your contributions, we can not continue our work to make the world a better place, by protecting your freedom, far from mercantilism.