DuGR Help

Dugr lets you to tag the layers so they belong to groups. Those groups are listed in the panel, and it is easy to isolate them in the composition, change their attributes, etc.

Tabs and group lists

There are two tabs on the panel:

You can select the group of layers you need to manipulate from these two lists.

The Invert button can be used to manipulate layers not contained in the selected groups.


The top line buttons are toggles to isolate the layers belonging to the selected groups.

Interactive / Sticky mode

There are two ways to use DuGR to isolate layers:

Layer properties

The two middle lines of small icons can be used to quickly change the usual properties of the layers contained in the selected groups.

The extra arrow icon selects the layers contained in the selected groups.

Managing groups


On the custom groups tab, a few extra buttons allow you to create, edit and remove groups.

Layer buttons

Group buttons

Bottom line icons

At the bottom line of the panel, a few icons are always there if you need them.