DuGR API - Group and filter layers in After Effects

The Application Programming Interface of your grouping and filtering tool set.

This software is Free, as in “free beer” as well as in “your freedom to use it as you wish”.

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▹ You can donwload DuGR and its API from rxLaboratory.

▹ The source code is on Github.

DuGR enables you to group layers in After Effects, and isolate the display of these groups. It is an essential tool to simplify the management of compositions with lots of layers, without any need to precompose!

To make it easier for people with basic scripting abilities to use DuGR in their own scripts, automation, auto-rigs, etc, DuGR also comes with an easy-to-use API. It may also be very useful to advanced developpers though, as it also includes a lot of low-level methods and a very comprehensive scripting framework for After Effects and more generally for Adobe Applications.

It is written in ExtendScript with the standard After Effects API.

If you’ve never written any script for After Effects, you may start by learning how to create advanced expressions first, as they use the same language and an API very close to the After Effects scripting API. Then you’ll be able to write your first scripts.

Useful resources

These are a few links you may always keep at hand when writing scripts for After Effects using the Duik API.

Documentation and examples